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Under Renovation

DSCF3528Dear Customers, we are so sorry about this inconvenient. For a while Ledok Gebang under renovation.

between GPalm - GKB

DSCF3560We’ve served you more than 10 years, and by the time a ponds fulfil many sediment. We are removing the sediment right now and rearranging the dikes around thats pond, also assembling a new hut. We are doing its  just for better serving and for yours satisfaction. We will ready to serve you in a new look on mid of December’13. 

While renovation we open at 09:30 – 17:00, only for eating, but not for fishing. Thank you for refreshing with us, and see you on a new formats.


The Special Wedding


When love is anchored, we were embarrassed, when our eyes glued to compete, day by day we had together, love, sorrow, healthy-sick, all we had been through. Lord make our love and togetherness is a blessing to our neighbors.

Ketika cinta berlabuh, kami masih malu, ketika mata beradu kami terpaku, hari demi hari kami lewati bersama, suka-duka, sehat-sakit, semua telah kami lalui. Tuhan jadikanlah cinta dan kebersamaan kami ini menjadi berkat bagi sesama kami. 

May Allah gather the scattered of them, bless them and God would improve the quality of their offspring, making opening the door of grace, the source of knowledge and wisdom as well as giving a sense of security for the people. (Prayer of the Prophet Muhammad in marriage Fatimah and Ali)

Semoga Allah menghimpun yang berserak dari keduanya, memberkahi mereka berdua dan kiranya Allah meningkatkan kualitas keturunan mereka, menjadikannya pembuka pintu rahmat, sumber ilmu dan hikmah serta pemberi rasa aman bagi umat. (Doa Nabi Muhammad pada pernikahan antara Fatimah  dengan  Ali) 


The Marching Band of Budi Mulia Kindergarten