About me

Ledok Gebang began construction in late 1998 from an empty lot full of undergrowth and a lot of snake. With the stem of the river Tambakbayan located next to, the supply of reliable clean water throughout the year. Thus be 19 ponds for the cultivation of fresh water prawns and fish bawal and indigo.
Fishing for  publik opened in early 2000, while the restaurant began operating in late 2000. Along with the growth of environmental conditions and the growing consumer desire also Ledok Gebang, but remained with the central theme of back to nature. Ledok Gebang currently able to serve visitors up to 500 people at the same time, and this is usually fulfilled even to line up on weekends and holidays.Food menu consisting of various freshwater fish and shrimp is cooked exclusively from materials that are not only fresh but still alive, resulting delicious unique flavor. Spices used natural and organic cultivated, so that guaranteed healthy and halal.
The price range of foods have a fairly wide range, from economy class to exclusive, thus quite varied choices. This can be seen from the customers who come from the student until the family settled.

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  1. What a joy to find such clear thiiknng. Thanks for posting!

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